Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cancer Symbol

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This simple but effective tattoo comes from the Flickrstream of Jessica N. Diamond and is licensed under Creative Commons.

Just a simple Cancer symbol to welcome us all into July. Those born under the sign of Cancer, a powerfully watery sign, tend to be emotional, sensitive, compassionate and extremely intuitive people, sometimes even harboring genuine psychic abilities. We are a wishy washy lot who sometimes suffer from indecision and an exaggerated tendency to daydream. Because we tend to feel more deeply than some forgiveness does not come easy for us. But because we are such caring people many of us have a strong desire and natural ability to nurture making us great doctors, nurses, healers, vets or other caregivers. Happy birthday to all of my fellow Cancers. I'm 5 today! (32=3+2=5)

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