Monday, June 29, 2009

Black Sun

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This simple, yet very cool, tattoo comes from the Flickrstream of Dreamattack and is licensed under Creative Commons.

This is the more typical Black Sun which consists of multiple swastikas.

The Black Sun symbol is one of the many historical symbols from Germanic folklore that was appropriated and perverted by the Nazis. Unfortunately, it is now also gaining in popularity among Neo-Nazis as a replacement for the much more easily recognizable swastika. That said, the Black Sun rightfully holds importance for the kinder, peace-loving variety of German, or other Nordic, neopagans and is featured here for this reason. The use of the Black Sun, or Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel), goes back at least as far as the third century and was most commonly worn as an accessory for women's clothing. It is usually interpreted as representative of the sun as it moves through the months of the year, hence the twelve arms in the traditional symbol above.

To learn more about the Black Sun, visit Wikipedia.

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