Monday, June 8, 2009

Jewel Toned Green Man

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This very shiny, very nice Green Man comes from the Flickrstream of tattoo artist Mez Love and is listed under a Creative Commons license.

This is a truly unique Green Man, unlike any I've ever come across before. Instead of rough, earthy foliage his greenery has the sheen of jewels or silk perhaps. If you get the chance check out Love's Flickr page, he's got a lot of his excellent work posted.

The figure of the Green Man, while a favorite of neopagans and environmentalists of the western hemisphere is actually a widespread archetype with representations from all over the world. The overall quality is, of course, the never ending continuity of the Earth and it's green growing things. The figure that we neopagans are most familiar with is the Green Man of European churches dating from the 11th century to the 20th. There are thousands of these images on churches from all over England, Ireland, France and many other countries. Outside of Europe the Green Man can most notably be found in India. Considering the immense time span and different cultures involved Green Men can look nothing alike from one to the next but still be considered equally representative of the same ideas, and ideals, of nature, wildness and growth. For many images from all over the world and further information be sure to visit one of the best Green Man sites I've come across, Mike Harding's Green Man site.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm the artist. I just wanted to point out that I'm not a He, I'm a she. Thank you for sharing my work.

Mez Love