Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Zodiac Ink

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This pretty tattoo comes from Teresa who found NeoPagan Ink through Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. Here's what Teresa has to say about it:
This Tattoo (my first of what I am sure will be many) was designed by my then 15 year old son, who plans to be a tattoo artist when he is older. (woohoo! only a couple years til I get free tats! lol)it was done by a shop in Spruce Grove, Alberta about and year and a half ago when my then 17 year old son got his first tattoo for his birthday. great bonding experience for us both:) I am a gemini as is my only brother and the one in the top, cancer, is for my husband. along the bottom, the signs are for my 4 children from oldest to youngest - sagittarius, aquarius, taurus, and gemini- then my mother and father, -virgo and leo- it is purple because that is my favorite color and now I am always wearing purple! it is designed to look like an old stone monument because my family is 'set in stone' and always a part of me!
Thanks to Teresa for sharing her tattoo!

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