Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unique Astrology Back Tattoo

The owner of this tattoo calls it "Aquarius sun...Leo moon...Capricorn rising..." and it comes from Rate My Ink. Ain't it cool? I've never seen another tattoo like it. I know it's not the best photo but it's so unique I just had to post it.


Karma e Maia said...

so...nice the horoscope in the back ..hard to see your chart there isn't it?;D

Clare K. R. Miller said...

How cool! Do you think it's the owner's actual birth chart?

Livia Indica said...

Karma, yeah, not the best pic. But it's such a unique tattoo I couldn't resist posting it.

Clare, yep, that's what the guy said. For some reason though Rate My Ink links won't go to the intended page so you can't see that.