Friday, April 24, 2009

Kali Outline

Another tattoo from Rate My Ink. This was created by Mike Hutton of Tattoo Faction out of North Olmsted, Ohio.

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death and destruction who holds even the mighty Vishnu in her sway, or under her foot as the case may be. Often depicted holding decapitated heads and wearing various severed body parts on her person she is a fierce, powerful and truly terrifying goddess. But she doesn't just kill people. She destroys things that need destroying like ignorance as she maintains order in the world. She is one of those amazingly fascinating deities who rightfully inspires great fear but is also beneficial.


Lisa Joy said...

*bows down to kali*

I <3 this one!! Totally awesome!!

Livia Indica said...

Hi Lisa Joy! Thanks so much for visiting and for commenting. I think this tattoo is awesome too. I wonder what it would look like with color?

Druv said...

She is the destroyer of "Evil", the story goes that when "Asuras" (Demons) killed Sadhus (Priests)because they wanted their possessions, Goddess Shakti ( wife of God Shiva) became very angry- her anger transformed her into the wrathful Kali who killed off all the "Asuras" in her path. She cut their heads off and made a necklace out of it -- which is a fearsome symbol to ward off people with evil in their hearts.

She is a true wrathful mother that protects her children!