Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flowers and Bees

Here's some more work from long time submitter Daniel: "This is two Dog-rose blossoms. Their meaning in the French language of flowers is pleasure and pain. There is a blossom for each of my children, the pleasure and joy of sharing their lives entwined with the pain and loss in the relationship with my estranged wife. Accompanying the blooms are the bees, messengers of the Gods...they were believed to carry news to the Gods of a death, and in this case carrying the news of the death of the relationship. One bee carries a faerie, hopefully a harbinger of joyous news to come. The Bee and Rider is Froudian, the flowers from life,the artist as always, the amazing Lisa Schmoldt, Otherside Ink, now Punta Gordo Florida."  Thanks for sharing Daniel!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!