Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swedish Ink

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This tattoo comes from the Flickrstream of Efigment and is licensed under Creative Commons.

The rune on the left is Mannaz which represents the self, the human race or how those things are perceived. I think the center rune is supposed to be Thurisaz, which should have longer lines extended from towards the top and bottom instead of looking like a sideways triangle, but perhaps the photo doesn't do the tattoo justice. At any rate Thurisaz has to do with reaction from another force or conflict.
The rune on the right is Sowilo which is linked to achievement and success. (By the way, being that I'm not a Nordic pagan I've gotten these explanations of the runes from Runes, Alphabet of Mystery.)

The larger symbol beneath the runes is what really interests me. According to the owner it's from an ancient rock carving found in Sweden, but I've been unable to pin that down or find an image. If any of you tattoo enthusiasts are familiar with the symbol I'd appreciate a heads up. Whether I discover the original source or not I just love this tattoo. Simple, elegant yet powerful.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for posting this! (PS that's me in the photo :) Just wanted to say that the middle one is actually Wunjo - Joy etc...I can definitely see that that isn't easy to decern in this photo and actually in real life does look more and more like a sideways triangle as time goes on.

The art in the middle - like I mentioned was in an old book of runes that my puppy had chewed up when I was 18 and all I can remember is that it was found on a rock in Sweden. I chose and added the runes myself. I always thought that what looks like an upside down cross is actually a sword and for me has always represented strength.

Thanks again...I hope somebody can find out more!

InsanityChyld said...

I think it could be a stang. In the northern tradition path, they're usually doorways between this world, and the nine worlds. Generally there's a rung for each world. In basic wicca, I believe the only "requirements" for it is the three prongs or rungs to desginate the goddess: maiden, mother, crone. Stangs can be used/substituted for alters.

Livia Indica said...

That's a very real possibility! I'm gonna have to look into this and see what I find! Thanks so much!

efigment said...

That is definitely possible now that I read your post InsanityChyld (nice handle by the way :). I had no idea at the time but it does sound right...and the fact that I like its significance is enough to convince me :)