Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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This tattoo interpretation of the constellation Orion comes from the Flickrstream of Xtrarant and is licensed under Creative Commons.

This gorgeous tattoo was inked by Conan Lea of Voluta Tattoo out of Indianapolos, Indiana.

The photo of the actual Orion constellation comes from here; my Google search tells me it's free to use.

Orion is a popular figure from Greek mythology slain either by the goddess Artemis or the Scorpion that would become the constellation Scorpio. History doesn't provide us much source material concerning Orion but we do know that he was a giant man who served as a hunter and was honored as a hero.


Pom said...

Oh well done! Capturing stars is incredibly difficult but this artist has done it without making it look "cartoony". Bravo

Livia Indica said...

I agree. Too many space tattoos look cheesy but this looks like it came straight from Hubble!