Tuesday, August 4, 2009


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This gorgeous sleeping fawn tattoo comes from the Flickrstream of tattoo artist Mez Love and is licensed by Creative Commons.

Once upon a time Finn mac Cumhail, a warrior of heroic proportions, was out hunting when his dogs refused to kill a white deer he had been hunting. Later in a dream the goddess Sadb told him that, due to a spell cast upon her, she had been transformed into the white deer he had chased and that only his love could free her. It was a love he freely gave. Unfortunately, after Finn had been called away to war the sorceror who cast the original spell reclaimed Sadb and she could not be found. Years later Finn was out hunting again when he came across a naked boy who, though knowing nothing of his father, knew his mother to be a deer. Finn instinctively knew this boy to be his son and named him Oisin, which translates as "fawn". Oisin grew to be a great warrior like his father but, taking after his mothers, also became known as the greatest poet in Ireland.

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