Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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This tattoo features a Maori being called a Taniwha. They are associated with specific locales and are protectors of their local tribes. They live in deep water, either in rivers, caves or in the ocean. They are particularly closely associated with any deep body of water than can be dangerous. While they can be violent toward those that would hurt their tribe they are benevolent toward those they guard often warning them of impending danger. To learn more about these fascinating beings, visit Wikipedia.

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Colleen said...


Anonymous said...

that is an excellent description, I got this tattoo when I was going through a crisis in my life, it is on my left shoulder.

Definitely got it for the protection value, and for the identity, I had moved alone from New Zealand to Australia and was having a difficult time hanging on to my heritage.

Not saying all that is resolved, but the Taniwha helped.

Thanks for the post

Livia Indica said...

Hi Colleen! I think it's cool too!

Hi Anon! Thanks so much for visiting. I'm glad you like my little summary. I was a bit worried as I'm new to the study of Maori culture. And it's great to know that this tattoo gave you some help! Thanks again!