Friday, July 10, 2009

Serene Buddha

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This very nice Buddha comes from the Flickrstream of Sebastian6 and is licensed by Creative Commons.

This tattoo was created by Thomas Pendleton of the new A&E show Tattoo Highway. And while the photo quality isn't that great I decided to feature it here anyway because not only is the tattoo very well done but because of the perfectly captured sense of peace. If anyone ever needed a reason to try and practice meditation this tattoo looks like a very good one.

Gautauma Siddhartha is thought to be an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu and, by urging his followers to give up worldly possessions and pleasures, founded the religion of Buddhism. He taught that by destroying and hopefully removing the ego one could achieve Nirvana which is the highest level of bliss and the ultimate goal of the earthly study and practice of Buddhism.

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Druv said...

Actually Buddha went against the teachings of the Vedas of Sanatan Dharma/ Hindu - which is why a separate version of "Religion" was created.

He did not think that there was a ultimate God, hence he was not an avatar of God.

He was a prince (Siddhartha - from Bodh Gaya in India), hence he has all the knowledge of the Vedas but he did not possess the original knowledge of Enlightenment.