Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wild Back Piece

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This amazing back piece comes from the Flickstream of Wolf94114 and is licensed by Creative Commons.

This back piece was created by artist London Bellman of Atomic Art Tattoo Studio of Portland, Oregon.

I'm lovin' the moons and the owl for obvious reasons. I imagine the human-like figure is based on some badass original art; if anyone knows the origins of the image I'd appreciate a heads up. At any rate, a very nice and extremely unique back piece.

Happy solstice folks!

P.S. For some background about this tattoo be sure to check out the comments!


sanityderailed said...

Wow wow wow!!!! This is incredible!

wolf94114 said...

Hi Livia,

This is Wolf94114 from flickr. I had that back piece done 10 years ago. The Moon and owl design is from a poster I got back in the 70's, unfortunately its just a fragment now, and I don't know the original artist that made it. the god in the middle is my personal creator god modeled somewhat off of Shiva. He is dancing the universe into creation. I drew a stick figure and sent London a paragraph about the Dancer, and London fleshed him out.
Thanks for featuring my tat on here.

Livia Indica said...

Hi SanityDerailed, nice to have you here. I think it's pretty awesome too!

Hi Wolf, thanks for sharing the story behind this great back piece!

Anonymous said...