Monday, June 1, 2009

Egyptian Cuttings on BME

More great linkage to ModBlog. Please check out these Egyptian back cuttings. It's a healed cutting so there's no blood but there are some big 'ol puffy scars. Looks to be Anubis on the left and Horus on the right. There's some hieroglyphics in the middle but they can't be made out clearly. FYI Anubis is in charge of mummification and has influence in the afterlife as well. Horus, in his most common form, is the son of Osiris, ruler of the Underworld, and Isis, great mother goddess of the Egyptian pantheon, and after many battles comes to avenge the dismemberment of his father by the evil Seth.


Clare K. R. Miller said...

Wow, that's extremely well done.

Livia Indica said...

Oh yeah! I wish we could make out the text but hey, who's complaining!?

doonch said...


If you zoom in on the hieroglyphs in the middle, you can clearly see that the left column says "Vladimir".
I can't read the right column.

Kent said...

I love scarification but wish I scarred that well, I don't get keloids at all!