Friday, March 20, 2009


This pretty little sparrow comes The Curateur. The sparrow has a rich history in tattoos but is here because of its mythological association with the Norse goddess Iduna. She is the bearer of the apples of life who personifies the lighter half of the year and appears on this day as a sparrow.


Anonymous said...

hey there. . . that second one (the swallow with the leafy filigree) is actually mine. not sure where you picked it up but no biggie--hope it provides inspiration sans mimickry. please do credit Deirdre Doyle ( here in Boston, though, if you don't mind. it's her work, i love having them (i have one on each side), and i'd like her to get the credit.



Anonymous said...

hey, sorry, didn't mean to say "second one" i just meant the example of the swallow you posted. thx.