Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finger and Hand Symbols

These nifty tattoos come from ~b-kreep's DeviantArt page. Apparently, they are self done. From the site:
The one on my index is an Ankh, Egyptian for eternal life; middle is a "Pagan" symbol to cause sleep (I have fibromyalgia & don't sleep so good); third is a Native American symbol (Medicine Man Eye) for wisdom; pinky finger has the Norse rune of protection & watchfulness, Algiz.

Pretty neat, eh?


Pom said...

Ok that's pretty interesting even though it's not likely to last long - or hold up real well just based on location. If I did ink on my fingers they'd be gone in no time with all of the typing!

Livia Indica said...

Yeah, he mentioned on his page that he's had to redo them several times. I don't know if I'd want to go through that over and over again but they do like nice. And I imagine it would have some effect on magical workings too.