Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winged Stag with Pentacles

This cool tattoo comes from Ileen, another awesome person referred by the equally awesome Jaspenelle. Ileen is the twentieth person to submit art to NeoPagan Ink! Yay! We're out of the teens! Ileen had this to say about her tattoo:
This picture is of my brand new tramp stamp! It's a stag's head (my spirit guide) with raven wings (my spirit name is White Raven), and two pentacles. It took over 2 hours to complete. The pentacles represent balance between the raven (air) and stag (earth) forces of my life. It is my very first tattoo.
The artist's name is Brandon, he works at The Missing Piece in Spokane, WA, and his work is freaking gorgeous!

Thanks to Ileen for submitting her art!

And a VERY special thanks to Jaspenelle for referring so many people to NeoPagan Ink!


Clare K. R. Miller said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! I love how the design and color scheme make the wings seem to grow naturally from the skull.

Mama Kelly said...


This piece is just GORGEOUS

Livia Indica said...

Clare, It is pretty awesome, aint' it? It reminds me of those winged cherub heads from the Renaissance. Thanks for your comments!

Mama Kelly, I love it too! Being a color fan I can't help but wonder what it would look like with color. But still, it's rockin' gorgeous! Thanks for commenting.

Jaspenelle said...

Ileen is also the first person I know personally to submit her tattoo too! I love it so much!

Maybe someday when I get a tattoo you can post mine. For now though I love referring people here, if you ask them, they will come. XD

Jaspenelle Stewart said...

Oh, speaking of submissions, here is another one for you (I find most of the tattoo art here.) If you scroll down in the comments she gave me permission to share the art:

Livia Indica said...

Ooh, that's cool! And she's convinced me to add a little more info in my intro. Thanks again!