Monday, December 1, 2008


Okay, I'm just gonna preface this by saying I've been hemming and hawing over this tattoo for months and you might not want to see this. But I think it's important to remember the sufferings of old. Even if they weren't really witches (which most, if not all, weren't) this type of thing really happened. It's disturbing but true to history.

This tattoo comes from Rate My Ink. I'm curious to know what my guests think of this type of tattoo. Is it ok to include here or would you prefer I didn't? You're the boss folks, I just work here. So, let me know what you think.

Edited to UPDATE: I've only had two responses to this, both negative. So, unless I hear different from someone else in the next day or so I'll be removing this post and will not post anything similar in the future.

Edited again to UPDATE: Okay folks, the readers have spoken. Okay, only two spoke but that's enough for me. The image has been removed and I will refrain from posting anything similar in the future. I will, however, leave this post and the link to the original source up if anyone cares to view it.

And while I'm at it: 4 recent posts that contained images from BMEzine have been removed as those folks made it pretty plain they wish to bogart tattoo images. So if you notice a few nice tattoos missing just know you have not lost your mind. They have disappeared and been released back into the blogosphere.


mrsb said...

Hmmm, I'm torn on this one. Though I do think that we need to remember what people did in the name of hunting witches, I'm not 100% sure I like seeing it on a tattoo. How many people who see this are just going to think they have some sort of weird torture fantasy?

Of course, every tattoo is a personal decision, so it's not up to others to judge (though they do, lol).

I guess I'd have to say I'm not a big fan of seeing it. I like pagan tattoos that show off the beauty of the religion.

Livia Indica said...

Thanks for the honesty Mrs. B. If a majority of people don't care for it I'll just remove it and won't post anything similar again.

Clare K. R. Miller said...

If it didn't say "Burn the Witch" in the description, I wouldn't think of it as a witch. In fact, the image brings to mind St. Catherine--she was a Christian martyr who was tortured on a wheel. It just doesn't scream "pagan" to me. In fact, I can't think of any witch-burning image that would, without simultaneously being stupid. So I'd have to say I wouldn't like to see tattoos like this in the future.

Livia Indica said...

You're right Clare, this could be an image from many different times in history and could be many different historical figures. I only named it "Burn the witch" because that's what the tattoos owner called it on the original source. Thanks for your input. That's two negatives so far.