Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Triquetra with Ivy

This lovely tattoo comes from Nikki; she is the 13th person to submit art to NeoPagan Ink! Yay! She had this say about it:
The one I'm submitting is on my inner right forearm. The center is a triquetra, the Celtic trinity knot, which represents the Triple Goddes or the three phases of a woman's life. The ivy that surrounds the knot is the Celtic zodiac symbol for the month of October, my birth month. If you look closely in the ivy, on the long side of the knot, you’ll see the initials of my two sons’ first names, J and W in script.

The tattoo has broad meaning for me. The Celtic knot, as I mentioned, is a symbol for the Triple Goddess or the three faces of Bridget and the three phases of a woman’s life: maiden, mother and crone. The ivy is my Celtic sign. My tattoo artist wanted to invert the knot, so that the flat end was closer to my wrist, but since the knot represents my life, I wanted it facing me as I hold my arm out. The knot is the Goddess and she is a part of me, hence the ivy surrounding it. My boys are also woven into my life, therefore they have their initials in the ivy. The initials face out (facing away from me) because I want to raise forward thinking men. But the initials are behind the knot because I’d like to raise them to put the Goddess/deity before all else and also for her protection of them.

This tattoo was created by Nick Bubash of Route 60 Tattoo out of Pittsburg, PA. I'm really lovin' this tattoo; the ivy is beautiful and I love how the letters are entwined within the overall piece. Very nice. Thanks to Nikki for submitting her tattoo!


Beverly said...

I've been wanting to get a Pagan tattoo and absolutely love this! It's beautiful! )O(

Livia Indica said...

Ain't it gorgeous? I'm loving the ivy.

PandorasInk said...

That's an incredible tattoo. I love all of the meaning- Thanks, Nikki for sharing! :)

Livia Indica said...

Oh yeah. This has convinced me that I must get some ivy inked somewhere on my body.