Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stylized Pentagram

This beautiful black and gray pentagram comes from Amy; she is the seventh person to submit her art to NeoPagan Ink. Yay! Soon I'll be into double digits. Anyway, Amy had this great story to go along with her tattoo:
This summer, on vacation to see my mom and brothers, I was checking out my brother's tattoos and asked him who did them. He looked at me like a kid in a candy store when I said I was considering getting one. (My first, and until then, my last, I had gotten ten years ago lol) He was on the phone in a flash to his artist, who normally takes appointments a month in advance. He got me in the next day! I was so psyched, and so was my big brother, who was dying to see his baby sister get inked. So long story short, the design I settled on was very similar to the necklace my husband gave me for my last birthday, a floral pentagram. The necklace is wreathed in tiny, intricate flowers, but for the tattoo, we decided on thorns, and a fairly open design that will allow for additions if I decide to expand it.

Thanks to Amy for sharing her art!


mrsb said...

Such a beautiful tattoo!!

Livia Indica said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I think part of the reason I like it is that it's an obvious pentagram to a pagan/witch but to a muggle who might be anti-witch it might just look like a floral design. It's a neat way to express one's faith without inviting attack.

Anonymous said...

:D Thanks Mrs B and Livia! That was the reason that I fell so in love with the design. My husband's family (and most of mine) are xians and I can wear both my necklace and my tattoo without anyone but those "in the know" giving it a second thought. Actually the only person in my family who figured it out was the brother who got it for me, and then my being a witch came out to him and his wife, both of whom are completely supportive ;)
The rest of my family just think it's a flower.

Livia Indica said...

It's a shame the rest of your family aren't accepting but still, very cool tattoo.