Friday, September 19, 2008

Stupid Tattoos

It seems that getting stupid tattoos is making the news around Europe lately. BBC reports about the foolishness of what is termed "party tattoos".

A number of teenagers have become infected after getting tattoos at a house party.

Several under-18s visited their doctor with signs of infection after illegally being tattooed at the event in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) said it was unclear if safe practices were followed and warned of the dangers of under-age tattooing.

It seems the individual performing the dangerous and very stupid tattoos has not been located but will obviously be prosecuted if discovered. Not only are a lot of these stupid, stupid, stupid kids having to visit their doctors for infection but they were all underage. It kinda makes me think the tattooer is underage because surely, I hope, no adult would be so stupid as to tattoo a bunch of obviously dumb, and quite possibly intoxicated, kids in unsafe conditions. But then again, an interest in tattoos obviously doesn't preclude stupidity.

Stupid tattoos news from The Local: Germany's News in English features the phenomenon of the so-called tramp stamps. Now, for those of you who don't know, a tramp stamp is a tattoo on the lower back of a woman. These notorious tattoos are also known as "ho tags" or, in Germany, Arschgeweih, or "ass antlers". Now, I can't imagine why any self-respecting woman would want a tattoo identifying her as a whore but apparently they were very trendy during the '90s. And now it seems the trendy are tiring of their tramp stamps.

But now a herd of Germans are stampeding to get them removed as they and other tattoos go out of fashion.
“The number of laser removals for tattoos has almost doubled in the last five years,” Heinz Bull, president of Germany's GÄCD plastic surgery association, told news agency DPA on Thursday. “Now young people who got tattoos on the spur of the moment want to have them removed.”

Notice the phrase "as they and other tattoos go out of fashion". Think about that for a minute, and I'm talking to the newbies here. Getting a tattoo because it's fashionable is one of the very worst reasons for getting one. Why? Because they're PERMANENT and fashion trends aren't. And, as the article says and most folks know, getting them removed is exponentially more painful and expensive than the original tattoo. And, even when you've shelled out the money, gone through the pain and made numerous trips to the office you're still gonna be left with an ugly scar. So, for those of you reading this who may be contemplating your first tattoo, read this and consider it well: getting a tattoo to be fashionable is STUPID. Good reasons for getting a tattoo include: a rite of passage, to memorialize a lost loved one, to provide yourself with a profound reminder, to express your inner self, to decorate your body with amazingly beautiful art, etc. Bad reasons to get a tattoo include: to be hip, cool or badass, to impress the chicks/guys, to be trendy. Got that? Good.

Okay, rant over, I feel better now.


Bill Cohen said...

My favorite name for them is "Panama City License Plates" due to the abundance of freshly-inked lower backs during Spring Breaks. For the record, over on Tattoosday, I NEVER ask about these tattoos because they're generally unimaginative tribal squiggles. However, I will photograph them if they're offered.

Livia Indica said...

"Panama City License Plates"! That is awesome! To be fair, I've seen one or two lower back tattoos that are good but, you're right, the majority of them are generic flash with no character.